Friday, July 10, 2009

Where Have all the Cachers Gone?

When a new cache pops up on the radar, I go from a mild mannered person to get the hell out of my way! I love competition, and there WAS nothing better than racing fellow geocachers to the cache site, just to gather up those coveted FTF's. I love it; I can't get enough of it. The white knuckle driving, cursing under my breath at every car passing me thinking they are other cachers. But lately, that trill is fading away. Now, it is not uncommon for myself to be the only find for a cache for a whole week or more. I don't even bother for late night finds anymore. So where has all my competition gone? Are they afraid of the sun, or is the heat too extreme for them? Maybe they are too busy mowing the lawn or playing 9 at the golf course. We even have an event coming up next weekend, and we have a total of 7 confirmed guests coming. So where are they all at? I feel like a child knocking on doors asking, when will my friends come out and play again?

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  1. I know what you're talking about!!! We've been on vacation and such and have figured that everyone else was kind of doing the same...we expected there to be a lot more new caches in the area since it's summer...

    I'm so glad you guys came to the event and had a good guys racked up a few FTF's!

    I'm also glad that I'm not the only one blogging about geocaching! :) You're blog is great!

    ~JEN aka Mrs. Diecast


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