Monday, July 27, 2009

Kansas ABC Challenge

How many caches do you have? 10, 100, 1500? We currently have only 209, and yet, we are now eligible for the Kansas ABC Challenge. If you are not familiar with an ABC Challenge, the goal is to discover a cache starting with every letter of the alphabet, a through z. I really wasn't familiar with very many challenges in Kansas until recently. At the JC Meet and Greet, someone asked Legolaws if he just finished the ABC Challenge. I had never heard of such a thing, and didn't think too much about it for a couple of days of no caching. After so long of no caching, I hit the website hoping to fill that empty void inside, and just happened to come across a bookmark list of the ABC Challenge. I wonder how many letters I had? How many would I have to find? How far would I have to travel just to retrieve a rare letter? I sat down and started down the list of caches found. What, I only have three left??? Only Q, Y, and Z, of course the hard ones. Where am I going to find those? I just happened to be taking a trip down I-70 to Kansas City to watch our annual Royals game. Surely Kansas City would have a few. As it turns out, all three were on my route, and within easy reach. I returned this Sunday with six new caches under my belt, a slightly larger beer gut, and an almost completed ABC challenge. Now all we have to do is find the time to drive to Wichita to log the final cache, and pick up our first level 5 difficulty. Now I am obsessed with completing the other Kansas Challenges; Counties, Delorme, and the impossible City. This might take awhile...


  1. Cool!! Challenges are super fun but addicting :).

    I am currently working on the "fizzy challenge"; where you have to do all 81 terrain / difficulty squares. 5 more!!

  2. you inspired me to see if ohio had the alphabet soup thing. they do!! caches all have to be found after 8/8/08. i checked and only needed X. lucky for me there were 3 x's only 18 miles away. got 2 today. but you did not inspire me to do delorme. LOL.


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