Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Unconventional Methods

My body goes into hyper mode whenever I hear "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen on my phone. Not because of Freddie Mercury's vocals or the mental image of zombies being beaten with pool cues, but because it means it is caching time. And trust me, it is always caching time. Unfortunately, this multi-cache involved business hours, and 2:30 in the morning is not within the time slot. So Sunday night caching was out, and unfortunately Monday was also not in the open time frame. This means that I would not be able to properly complete the cache until Tuesday. The cache, GC1V5NZ, involved the cacher to visit a local museum to find coordinates for the final cache. I love FTF's; I live for FTF's, but there was no way I was going to sit and wait for Tuesday to role around to find this cache. So after class, I drove to the museum grounds and decided I would try my hand at blind caching. Now I know this museum pretty well, but I had no clue where I would look first. I just decided, where would I hide this cache? Could be in a bush, under a rock, in a tree, up a tree, heck, it could have been anywhere! So, I just started walking to the first evergreen tree I saw. It is amazing how 95% of the time, a tree hide is an evergreen. And what do you know when I peeked through the branches, why a green ammo box. My blind cache adventure was over in 5 minutes, with a FTF tucked under my belt, and a big grin on my face. Although I feel like bragging a little bit, I decided not to tell the cache owner about my luck, as it might be a blow to his self esteem. So, I will keep this little secret to myself, and to this blog.


  1. sounds like cheating!!! but when a FTF is involved by all means cheating is allowed haha.

  2. we always sing "another one bites the dust" after a find lol


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