Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brown Sign Fever

Today, we officially started our perilous journey across vasts spans of earth just for simple caches. That's right, we started the Delorme and County challenge. With only 10 counties already completed, we set out to stake our claim on the northern territory of Kansas. We were already heading home on Thursday to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary with our family in Oberlin, Kansas, our hometown. Picking up a few on highway 36 in the dead of night was fun, but the big excitement came today when we made a normally 4 hour trip into a 9 hour round trip, taking us to Goodland, then back home to Manhattan. Our trip gave us 16 incredible finds, 10 extra counties, and a trip to the holy land. Thats right, Mingo. The oldest of active caches, now the end of many pilgramages for the most dedicated cachers. On Thurday and Friday, we will make our way through the Northeast corner of Kansas, camping along the way, just like our honeymoon. Hopefully, we run into more interesting sites, including those brown signs that always point towards a beautiful spot, or historical location. Can't wait to get on that trail!
<-- The Holy Land

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  1. We are always on the lookout for a brown sign, too! We tried to place a couple caches in the northwest corner by some of the brown signs, but they were more like virtuals than mystery caches and we were denied. :( We also thought Mingo was pretty cool, too! :)


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