Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"The Canoe Crew"

With such a beautiful Saturday before Easter, we could not help but hit the open waters! Five canoes and ten geocachers equals a whole lot of fun. Nicoole (Nicole and Debbie), Boxstalker (Julie), Crawcocoa (Marty and Jessica), The Ravens (Michael), Phil and Verla from Oz (Phil), Legolaws (Eric), and us (JJTally) made a road trip to pick up a few paddle caches. We started in Lawrence to find seven geocaches located on an island in the Kansas River. The paddle was short, but the hike was long, and we were all tired from climbing through and over trees as we went. We stopped for a brief lunch on the island, and headed off to find more caches. We regrouped at Pillsbury Crossing to pick up another two caches down Deep Creek. The water was up and was the most beautiful blue color I have ever seen on a creek. We finished our day of paddling at Tuttle Puddle. The wind had picked up considerably, and caused us to finish our day early, but just in time to enjoy some great food at The Little Grill. All in all, it turned out to be a great day for geocaching and hanging out with friends.

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