Saturday, January 29, 2011

Challenge on the Mind

It's official, I have challenges on the mind. I can't stop thinking about them. Of course, a few of them have been on the list for some time now, but new ones just keep getting added. As of this moment, I am working to complete the Kansas County Challenge, the Kansas Delorme Challenge, the Kansas Virtual Challenge, the Kansas 2001 Challenge, and the One Hit Wonders Challenge. I know, it seems like a big list, but luckily, some caches overlap each other. The problem is, I have spent more time looking at the list instead of executing it. I have made Excel sheets, route sheets, and even a bookmark with all of the caches in it, so I can look at them all in one map. Tomorrow, we are making a larger than normal trip to pick up five caches on the list. In February, I am taking advantage of a trip my wife must make to Wichita, and planning on picking up some 67 caches on the list, including nine counties and two Delorme pages. And now that my wife and I are on the same work schedule, we have our weekends open for long road trips. It is going to be a fun trip, but I am looking forward to it.

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