Sunday, December 27, 2009

Evil is my One and Only Name

I love a good challenge. There is nothing better than the feeling of completing a difficult cache. So, I wanted to give back to the geocaching community. Actually, I just wanted to be pure evil. I love it, making people practically cry out in frustration. Well, I made one of those caches. The code is GC224A1, and the name is a Crash Course in Landscaping. If I hadn't said it before, I am a Landscape Management major at K-State, and I wanted people to know that landscaping was more than mowing lawns and planting flowers. And I wanted it drilled into their heads. So, I created my masterpiece. No, I am not going to give out any clues to ruin my creation. I am simply letting the world know (or the few people that actually read this blog) that I love to be evil, and I have a few more caches in mind to prove my point. Check out the cache, who knows who will claim the FTF prize.

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