Thursday, September 10, 2009

Topeka: Microtropolis of Kansas

It is not too often that I get a weekend day off when I don't have to work. Thankfully, moons and stars lined up and Labor Day was mine! What to do on a full day, geocaching of course. We decided that Topeka was our target, and we set out to get as many caches as possible. We hadn't cached in Topeka before, and didn't know quite what to expect. What we found was nothing short of horrid. Micros here, micros there. Where were all the ammo cans? The lock-n-locks? What about a coffee can? Now I am no stranger to micros. I even place them every now and again when smalls are even too big to work, but this town has them crawling everywhere. Hanging in trees, under park benches, stuck to anything metal. I didn't even bother asking the co-pilot what the size was halfway through our trip. To make matters worse, Topeka has some sort of anti-gps field that always takes you here, then there, then back over there. Don't get me wrong, we loved our cache filled day, but I will take the country roads with ammo cans to micros any old day.


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  2. J sounds like another good ol' boy; Campcreekers (Cowboy for short) cacher. Just give ’em their Country Cachin’ in a pick’emup truck with a dog in the back and them wide open spaces and they're happy. Their right of ways, big parks, lakes, state parks, WIHAs, bridges, and their cemeteries, all those kind of places for easy to place ammo cans and decons and little GPSr bounce to up the difficulty. Ah but, here in the city those wide open spaces are few and far between, so for us instead of driving 10 miles, then walking a tenth and getting within 20 feet of GZ and looking up and see a tree and have to then guess where the cache is, we would walk a couple of blocks , look up and see a sign, a few trees, and maybe some other type of metal object, and then the hunt begins. Don’t get me wrong, driving down a country road and see yet another bridge or cemetery up ahead can be a real challenge to guess where the cache might be. J even admits micros have their place when smalls are even too big to work, take for instance JJTally’s Microcropolis (twenty micros) series in country cemeteries just goes to show the diversity one can have when placing a cache in the great outdoors. Me, I’ll take a challenge in the city to a drive in the country any old day.

    Phil & Verla from OZ


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